Lake Tahoe Travel Mug - Stainless Steel 12 oz
Lake Tahoe Travel Mug - Stainless Steel 12 oz

Lake Tahoe Travel Mug - Stainless Steel 12 oz

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Straddling the border of California and Nevada is Lake Tahoe - the most beautiful freshwater lake in the U.S and the perfect place to ski (via water or snow) your little nature-lovin' heart out while surrounded by the granite peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains.  Take your summer and winter ski trips with you wherever you go with this Lake Tahoe travel mug.

This stainless steel Lake Tahoe travel mug is double-walled to keep your coffee hot or beer chilled for hours. It has an easy-sip lid that keeps bugs, dirt, and dogs out. It’s lightweight enough to carry from hike-to-hike, easy to clean at the campsite, and will last a lifetime with proper care.

Lake Tahoe Mug Proper Care:

* To keep the Arches National Park design colorful, please hand wash only. Not microwave safe.

* Each product is made-to-order. Please anticipate a 5-8 day printing & fulfillment time in addition to shipping.

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