Absurd (ly Delicious) S'Mores Recipes

Absurd (ly Delicious) S'Mores Recipes

Whether you're headed camping for the weekend or just roasting marshmallows over a candle in your living room - here are some crazy delicious ideas to put a little pep in the typical graham, mallow, and chocolate trio.

Pecan Pie S'mores


Pecan Pie S'Mores - Human Nature Designs

Add candied pecans and a drizzle of caramel between your graham crackers and be immediately transported to your grandmother's kitchen on Thanksgiving day.

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Lavender Lemon S'mores

Lavender Lemon S'mores

Add White Chocolate, Lavender, and Lemon Curd to your graham and marshmallow combo and elevate your taste buds to Queen Elizabeth status.

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Cotton Candy S'mores

Cotton Candy S'mores


Bring out your inner 5-year-old with rainbow sprinkles, cotton candy, and white chocolate. Who needs to go to a county fair when you can have one in your backyard?

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Peach & Brie S'mores

Cheese on a S'more? Yep. Bring this recipe out when your parents (or most elite friends) come over and impress them with a perfectly creamy, chocolate-y, and fruity dessert combination.

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