Meet the Maker


Emily Backus - Founder, Designer | Human Nature Designs

Hi, I'm Emily - graphic designer by trade and nature-lovin' creature by birth. No matter if you stumbled in, were guided by friends, or were dragged against your will - I am so excited you're here.

I started Human Nature Designs in April 2020 not only so I could hold on to my adventures forever by turning them into designs and apparel, but also so I could spend my one wild life creating something that puts more color into the world and also helps give back to it.

Nature holds a very special place in my heart. It’s the judgment-free zone where I can challenge the limits of my mental and physical strength. It’s the “larger than I” system I can look to when I lose sight of myself in the daily details.

Human Nature Designs is just a baby, so every day and each order is a lesson learned. We're friends now, so if your experience with Human Nature Designs is awesome, frustrating, perfect, horrendous, rad - or anything in between - I want to hear from you!

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You can reach me during business hours at or via the form under the Get in Touch tab. If you're on Instagram and prefer to slide into my DMs, you can find me at @humanature.designs.

P.S. If it's outside business hours, please be patient. I'm most likely dancing to funky music, wandering in nature, or making some cool new designs for you.