What is Joe Biden's Climate Plan?

What is Joe Biden's Climate Plan?

November is quickly approaching and this week I've been ramping up my efforts to arm myself with the knowledge to understand the candidates' policies and how they will impact our world. If you're (understandably) overwhelmed with the news at the moment and haven't had the chance to do the research yourself, I am breaking down the plan Joe Biden recently released to address climate change and environmental justice. Two things are for sure:

1. Climate change poses an immediate threat to nature, our communities, our health, and our economy.

2. Joe Biden's plan is the boldest and most aggressive climate plan politics has ever seen.

The plan is multi-faceted and worth a full read. I've linked to a few articles at the end to help you get a bigger picture!

First, here is a quick breakdown of some important points:



Other important mentions include his promise to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord and to hold other countries accountable for reducing their carbon footprint as well. He also promises to include the demand for American-made and American-sourced electric vehicles and other green transportation initiatives.

Read more here:

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