Why Human Nature Designs? The Story and Meaning Behind the Brand.

The Story Behind the Human Nature Designs Brand

The Human Nature Designs name is a simple one, but carries behind it deep-rooted significance. The connection between the words in the logo represents the idea that humans and nature are two parts of the same whole. Like two sides of the same ribbon, we are forever inseparable from the natural life around us.

I started my business with this relationship in my heart, and one goal in mind - to connect people with their favorite places on Earth and in turn, remind them of the importance of a lasting and sustainable relationship with Mother Nature.

What drives our connection to nature?

At its most fundamental, the relationship humans have with nature is an essential one. In scientific terms, this concept is called the Biophilia Hypothesis. Popularized by American biologist and naturalist Edward Wilson, this hypothesis states that “humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life.” If you want a more poetic outlook, American psychoanalyst Erich Fromm describes this same phenomenon as “the passionate love of life and of all that is alive.”

It is in our DNA to derive peace from singing birds and inspiration from sunsets. We are naturally drawn to love, appreciate, and preserve our planet because our survival depends on it.

This is how deep the human-nature connection is. This is why the memories you make in nature are visceral and wildly colorful. Whether we realize it or not, our deeply meaningful hikes in the mountains, walks on the beach, and meditative moments staring at clouds are evidence of our reliance on and connection to Mother Nature.

Why is this connection important?

Studies reveal that both children and adults are healthier, happier, more creative, and more productive when they have a connection to nature. People of all ages with ADD, asthma, obesity, anxiety, and depression have shown major improvements in mental, physical, and spiritual health when spending just a short time outside. Even something as simple as having a view of nature from your window as a hospital patient is proven to help you heal faster.

Why is it especially important in modern life?

Today, more young children know how to open a web browser or play a computer game than swim or ride a bike. Technology has usurped nature as the favorite place to play, causing the youngest members of our society (including our future world leaders) to develop an aversion to nature called Biophobia.

This Biophobic outlook is incredibly dangerous, as it translates to a loss of respect for the natural world, a decreased desire to interact with nature, and a lack of appreciation for “the diversity of life-forms that support human survival.” And the outcome? Environmental destruction, species extinction, rising climate temperatures, and the loss of our planet and ourselves.

Why be a part of the Human Nature Designs community?

When we hold our relationship with nature in the highest regard, we reap the benefits of better health, extended longevity, and a more meaningful life.

Why purchase cookie-cutter, commercially manufactured souvenirs and gifts from travel shops that lack depth, first-hand experience, and love for Mother Earth? I create with the Human-Nature relationship in my heart, and aim to develop designs that are as colorful and meaningful as your favorite places.

The goal of Human Nature's designs is to help you revisit your most colorful and deeply meaningful moments in nature, and to help you celebrate the human-nature connection.




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